All abaht Yorkshire Stuff

Ey Up, I'm Zoe, a born and bred Yorkshire lass who designs and sells Yorkshire t shirts, tea towels, badges and much more. I started Yorkshire Stuff in 2014 when I moved back to my home town of York after a few years away, and found nowt fer me to show my Yorkshire pride. Most of my stock is designed by Yorkshire folk for Yorkshire folk

Zoe hiding behind a tea towel

Aye, that's me 'idin' behind a tea towel

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Yorkshire Stuff is based in York, in the centre of Gods own county, and I go t'werk at York Eco Business Centre at Clifton Moor in York. It's not open to the public but you can collect orders from reception (by appointment only - please allow up to three days for me to prepare your order). I make or print some of my products, and have many more made to my own designs here in the UK, so I spend way too much time reading about Yorkshire dialect and doodling white roses when I should be printing t-shirts.

Read the Yorkshire Stuff blog here.

Yorkshire Stuff, 'oos that fer then?

Tha's Yorkshire and reyt proud if it. Tha dun't want summat sayin' YORK-ENGLAND or owt, tha wants proper Yorkshire stuff designed and made by Yorkshire folk for Yorkshire folk.

Yerrint a bumpkin wi' a ferret dahn t' keks, so tha wants good quality, well designed products at a sensible price - yer not daft an' I won't treat yer like it!

Yorkshire Stuff is fer Yorkshire folk, wherever you were born, whatever you look like and wherever you live now. As I'm a Yorkshire lass, I'll even sell thee summat if thee int Yorkshire!