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Yorkshire Rules Large Gaming Pad

Yorkshire Rules Large Gaming Pad

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Yorkshire Stuff 80 cm x 59 cm (31.5" x 23.23") game pad with rubber base in 5mm thickness with spongy filler for added comfort. Extended size mat provides a larger usable area to cover the desktop's keyboard, mouse, and other stuff. White mat with black Yorkshire Rules text.

Yorkshire Rules desk pad has a long width allowing free movement and comfort. Side stitches give the pad an elegant look and prevent fraying. Non-slip base surface prevents the mouse pad to move around when using, whilst its soft and smooth surface allows the mouse to move across very easily. The water-resistant surface material makes this mat durable and easy to clean. It’s perfect for gaming, office and home use.

Yorkshire Rules:
Don't be daft
No gallivantin
Allus do it fer thissen
Where there's muck there's money
Keep yer sneck out
It'll be reyt
Don't mither me
Wind yer neck in
Nivver do owt fer nowt
Shy bairns get nowt
Say summat nice or keep tha gob shut
Them as eats most pudding gets most meat
Tek tha coit off indoors or tha'll not feel the benefit
Manners cost nowt
Keep yer pecker up
There's nowt so queer as folk
Eat all sup all pay nowt
Allus say please n ta
Mash the brew
See all hear all say nowt
Sit thissen dahn and tellus abaht it
Listen up buggerlugs
No chuffin swearing
Nivver ax folks where they're from, if they're from Yorkshire they'll tell thee and if not you'll embarrass 'em

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